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Insurance coverage disputes place brokers in an impossible position.  Your valued client
is unhappy that the product you have sold
will not respond. 


There is a limit to what you, the broker, can do to press the case to the insurer.

We are here to help.  

Referring your client

You can refer your client to us knowing that we have the experience and expertise to help, we will give a free and honest initial assessment of both the merits and the prospects of a satisfactory resolution and your client will receive a first class personal service. 

As importantly, we offer a full and competitive range of funding options and a clear cost/benefit analysis so policyholders can make proper business decisions.

Our experience and approach

We have many years’ experience dealing with insurance coverage disputes from both sides.  We also have a wealth of expertise in dealing with businesses
of all shapes and sizes. 

We know that the key to a successful relationship is building a rapport with the people involved and giving easily accessible, practical advice that people understand.  We know that, if we act for your policyholder, we are an extension of you and your business. 

If our advice is negative, they will know and understand why. If we think there is a case to fight or a settlement to negotiate, they will have a full appraisal of the case, good and bad, and have full confidence in the strategy we agree with them.  

With us you can be sure that your client will receive a seamless personal service and feel in control of the decisions they take.  They will also have the best chance of resolving matters.

Other Services

We can assist brokers with all manner of legal and regulatory issues that arise including day to day risk issues. Amongst other things, we can advise on legal changes, the extent of coverage for new ventures/projects, draft contracts, presentation of individual risks
and a broker’s own exposure to professional claims.

We can provide accessible reports, face to face discussions and/or training to staff.

We would be happy to have an informal discussion about the challenges you face and how we might work with you to help your business. 

Please get in touch with one of our Partners.